Council answers questions about anti-social non-residential properties

Given the anti-social behavior from non-residential properties which has been occurring, some questions were put to the Council to seek information regarding this activity and these are outlined below.

 “In terms of anti social behaviour caused by non-residential properties such as, for instance, schools that use their premises on a weekend which might be too loud or a University which regularly has residents contacting it with regards to noise caused by its students, can the following questions please be answered;

  1. What is the best manner in which residents can ask the Council to intervene to stop the anti social behaviour from continuing? Note – this question also applies to real time issues occurring which need to be stopped.
  2. What analysis does the Council maintain regarding anti social behaviour? For instance, is it possible to understand how many complaints have been levied versus a particular business?
  3. What is the Council’s process for pursuing anti social behaviour both from a residential and non-residential perspective? For instance, from a residential perspective what are the progressive steps from the lodgement of a first complaint and what are the following steps should the noise progress”.

 To read the answers click on this sentence.

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