Heathmere School Keepers House planning application – make sense?

Thus far this planning application (2016/7179) has three planning objections. You can have a read of them by clicking on this sentence. At this stage, there seems to be a few objections.

  1. The eucalyptus tree seems to have vanished?

Walking past the site today the below pictures were taken and it seems that the tree might have been cut down without it yet being agreed? The pictures have marked a red circle where the eucalyptus tree was?

Page 29 of the Aboricultural Impact Assessment which is site photograph showing a large eucalyptus tree.

209-medium-1 208-medium-1

  1. Where on earth are the cars meant to park?

This planning application has no allowance for car parking. Opposite the site is Pocklington Court which is doubted will allow the cars to park. Also, there is Redwood and Ringwood Gardens, both of these being private, so again, no cars will likely be permitted to park there. That leaves the nearest point of Arnewood  Close as maybe being a candidate for cars being parked there. Walking around the area on Saturday 28th January at 3pm, there was no where to park. No to forget that Heathmere is a school and there is limited parking around it.

  1. Privacy for existing residents?

The buildings will be three levels with balconies facing away from the road, meaning they will face inwards towards existing residential buildings, such as Gosport House and Greatham Walk 26 to 34.

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