Weekly Council Planning applications and decisions – January 21st

Given there is so much happening in the ward at the moment, it might be worth residents keeping a watch on what is being planned for the Alton Estate. So, on a best endeavours basis, we’ll try to include this section.

The page numbers refer to the Wandsworth Council planning applications and decisions for the Roehampton & Putney Heath ward. Whilst every effort is made to highlight the page numbers and present the information below it is always best for the reader to have a read of the original Council documents just in case any errors have been made.

Applications (page 26)

Application No: 2016/7220

  • No of Neighbours Consulted: 0
  • Date Registered: 17 January 2017
  • Address: Downshire House, Roehampton Lane, SW15 4HT
  • TEAM: W
  • Proposal: Details of BREEAM pursuant to condition 24 of planning permission dated 15/04/2015 ref 2015/1409 (Non-material amendment to planning permission ref 2013/1857 dated 07/08/2013 (Erection of three buildings between three and five-storeys high, comprising 210 student bedrooms student bedrooms plus wardens flats. Works to include restoration of lower lawn and landscaping with removal of 26 trees including tree and hedge groups, 13 of which are covered by a preservation order and planting 19 trees. Formation and alterations to boundary treatment and pedestrians access from Roehampton Lane with alterations to car parking) to allow submission of the BREEAM post-construction certificate to the Council within 3 months following occupation of all the buildings.)
  • Conservation area (if applicable): Alton Conservation Area
  • Applicant: C/O Agent, C/O Agent
  • Agent: Boyer Planning, Boyer Planning, 24 Southwark Bridge Road, London, SE1 9HF
  • Officer dealing with this application: Sam Nevin
  • On Telephone No: 020 8871 7372

Application No: 2017/0175

  • No of Neighbours Consulted: 17
  • Date Registered: 17 January 2017
  • Address: Ground Floor Park House, 233 Roehampton Lane, SW15 4LB
  • Press Notice(s) Site Notice(s)
  • TEAM: W
  • Proposal: Alterations including erection of extension at ground floor level in connection with change of use from clinic (Class D1) to 2 x 2-bedroom flats (Class C3).
  • Conservation area (if applicable): Roehampton Village Conservation Area
  • Applicant: Urban Red Limited, c/o Agent
  • Agent: Sutters Partnership Architects, 15 Granard Avenue, London, SW15 6HH
  • Officer dealing with this application: Nathaniel Young
  • On Telephone No: 020 8871 8603

Application No: 2017/0234

  • No of Neighbours Consulted: 0
  • Date Registered: 20 January 2017
  • Address: 90 Dowdeswell Close, SW15 5RL
  • TEAM: W
  • Proposal: Alterations to ground floor rear elevation in connection with use of garage as additional habitable accommodation.
  • Conservation area (if applicable):
  • Applicant: Ms Zoe Lynam, 90 Dowdeswell Close, London ,SW15 5RL
  • Agent: Jeffery and Wilkes building contractors ltd, Saunders house, 52-53 The Mall, Ealing W5 3TA
  • Officer dealing with this application: Alexander Green
  • On Telephone No: 020 8871 8310


There appears to be none.

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