Question to the Leader of the Council – February 1st 2017

There is always so much information to gather, read and try to share, though this popped up and it has a bit to do with the Alton Estate. The Questions to the Leader of the Council on February 1st 2017 posed a few aspects which are of relevance for the Alton Estate.

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If it helps, here’s a few of the select items……

(9) Roehampton Regeneration: Question raised by Councillor Carpenter to the Leader of the Council: 

May I congratulate officers on their diligent work which has led to the selection of Redrow Homes Ltd as the Development Partner for the Council in the Alton Estate Regeneration. This represents the beginning of a long development process. Does the Leader agree that it is essential to ensure that Redrow Homes lives up to the high design standards it put forward in its tender documents, is fully engaged with the community in developing its detailed plans, and is an active participant in the social as well as the physical regeneration of the Alton?


I would also like to thank and congratulate Cllr Carpenter for his exemplary and consistent support for our ambitious plans for the Alton regeneration. New infrastructure, improved sports activities and better training and employment opportunities will ensure that the regeneration achieves a social benefit through the council’s Aspirations programme, and help hundred of residents across the borough every year.

The quality of the new housing provided on the Alton Estate is a paramount objective of the regeneration. High quality design of both the affordable and private housing will result in improved quality of life, public health and social outcomes for our residents. The Wandsworth Local Plan fully supports Housing Design Guide principles. These are now part of the London Plan policies through the Housing Supplementary Planning Guidance (2016). Community engagement is an essential part of any estate regeneration and the council will work very closely with Redrow Homes to ensure the community will continue to be fully engaged in these proposals. Social outcomes are at the heart of the council’s objectives for the regeneration and we expect that these outcomes will be delivered hand-inhand with the delivery of the scheme.

(10) Alton Regeneration: Question raised by Councillor Ryder to the Leader of the Council: 

Given the extent of the plans for the Alton estate and the Winstanley/York Road estates, could the Leader tell us if any other council in London has such an ambitious programme to build new homes fit for the 21st Century?

 Would he join me in welcoming our developer partner for the Alton Estate Regeneration Project and does he, like me, look forward to seeing their plans brought forward?


I am aware of plans that a number of other boroughs have for estate regeneration and I think it’s fair to say that I‟m not aware of any other borough entering into two ambitious regeneration schemes at the same time whilst also re-providing more affordable housing over the level currently provided. The Council is able to do this due to the robust position of its housing finances. We’re also proud of our record in ensuring that physical regeneration happens hand in hand with social regeneration. We’re working hard to ensure residents on these estates are given every opportunity to fulfil their potential and meet their aspirations. They are already benefiting from job and training opportunities, as well as targeted interventions to encourage improved lifestyle choices that deliver better health outcomes.

I, of course, welcome Redrow as our development partner and look forward to working with them to provide an estate fit for the 21st century for our residents in Roehampton but also support this Council’s broad agenda to aspire and help our residents to attain their fullest potential.

(16) Social Regeneration in Roehampton: Question raised by Councillor Ambache to the Cabinet Member for Housing:

I am pleased that the Cabinet Member, and Chairman of the Roehampton Partnership, is committed to tackling Social Regeneration to run hand-in hand with the physical regeneration on the Alton Estate. The Ward Councillors look forward to working with him, with the developers, with the Clinical Commissioning Group and with the community to achieve this.

Can he provide?

  • The latest Health inequalities data for Roehampton and Putney Heath ward as compared to other wards of the Borough?
  • What plans does he have to tackle the poor health outcomes and shortened life expectancy of residents living in this area?


  • The Roehampton population faces particular challenges around health inequality. We know  it is the second most deprived ward in the Borough, with higher than average levels of worklessness. Life expectancy is lower than average, and rates of child obesity, and of hospital admissions for coronary heart disease and alcohol related harm, are higher than we’d want to see.   It’s our detailed understanding of these factors which has made this neighbourhood a focus for our targeted work over several years, and we continue to adapt and amend our offer in light of experience of what works. Councillor Ambache will be aware that more detailed information on health inequalities is also set out in the Council’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA).
  • The Council’s Aspirations Programme recognises the need to address inequalities within Roehampton and on the Alton Estate as part of the ongoing regeneration process. and there are a number of ways we are tackling this, with the support of local groups, businesses, voluntary and statutory organisations in the area. Examples of the work include :
  • the Roehampton Challenge: 11 projects were funded to engage residents and help them improve their health, focusing on a range of areas such as healthy eating, physical exercise, dental care to mental and sexual wellbeing.. Over two and half thousand people were helped by the projects delivered.

Together with the CCG   we launched in January a new targeted programme working with children’s centres including Eastwood and Granard in Roehampton, to engage and support families with children under five to improve their health outcomes

  • We successfully piloted healthy school lunch schemes to improve uptake of healthy school meals and promote healthy packed lunches with children and parents in priority schools, which included Heathmere school in Roehampton;
  • We continue to work with the community to increase awareness of healthy lifestyles through community events and festivals such as the Roehampton Festival, which has successfully brought together local residents and organisations and raised awareness of services and activities available.
  • The Council’s Public Health Board has a systematic programme of checking that our services are targeting health inequalities, and we have had assurance to date from our smoking, sexual health and drugs and alcohol services that they are appropriately targeting the deprived areas and vulnerable groups who need their help most.

I am therefore pleased to say there is a lot of positive work both being implemented and in the planning stage to improve the health of residents in the area.

(22) Design on the Alton Estate: Question raised by Councillor McKinney to the Cabinet Member for Housing:

Has the new partner the scope and capacity to design modernist buildings that echo the iconic and listed buildings on the Alton estate?


How the developer’s proposals interacted with the neighbouring estate on both sides of Roehampton Lane was an important element in the competition process. Going forward, ensuring the new development respects the heritage setting of the Alton Estate will be a key part of the design process. The developer partner and their architects will work closely with the Council, Historic England and relevant heritage stakeholders to ensure that there is a sympathetic fit between the new and the old.

As always all information is provided on a best endeavours basis and would recommend readers to read the documents themselves for any items of interest.

(30) Resident Engagement: Question raised by Councillor Ryder to the Cabinet

Member for Housing: With the Alton regeneration reaching an exciting new phase, how will the Council continue its impressive record of public engagement and consultation to ensure residents are involved in the regeneration plans?


As the leader has already stated, effective community engagement is a fundamental part of a successful estate regeneration scheme – one that brings the community along with it and community engagement is an essential part of the next stage of the scheme. The developer partner will be required to work very closely with the Roehampton Regeneration team to learn from the very well received consultation conducted for the Alton Area Masterplan and rapidly put in place a programme of engagement with residents and stakeholders. We are expecting Redrow Homes to attend the next meeting of the Roehampton Partnership on 15th March 2017.


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