Heathmere School Keepers House planning application – progress

The amount of objections has grown and there are a few groups, in addition to individuals, whom have commented.

Such groups being;

  • Stoughton Close & Greatham Walk Residents Association
  • Hersham Close Residents Association
  • Roehampton Housing Association Ltd
  • Heathmere Primary School

Some comments are highlighted below;

Heathmere Primary School

Heathmere School would like to object to the planning permission for the erection of a new three storey building overlooking the school. I apologise for the delay in replying but this has only just been brought to my attention and I would be extremely grateful if the schools objections could be considered when reviewing this planning permission as the new building would directly affect the school due to its proximity Details of the planning application are: Location ? Heathmere School Keepers House, Alton Road, SW15 4LJ Application Number – 2016/7179 Our Details ? Heathmere School, Alton Road, Roehampton, SW15 4LJ There are several issues that directly affect the school if this planning permission was to be granted, namely: 1.    The proposed balconies to the property would directly overlook adjacent properties and more importantly our playground this is a serious safeguarding and child protection issue, the school already has significant issues with parents from adjacent flats peering over the fence to talk to their children and this would be further exasperated by individuals, especially if they are not parents of our children, looking over the school and trying to communicate with the pupils. The school operates very strict procedures relating to safeguarding i.e. blinds are drawn when children are in the hall playing games however we have to be extra vigilant when children are outside, these balconies should not face the school and the planning application should be rejected on this fundamental issue . 2.     Although Alton Road is not considered a heavily trafficked road, it is a bus route which restricts parking for residents, staff and visitors to the school, especially at peak times for morning drops offs and afternoon pick-ups . A key benefit to the school with regards to recruitment and retention is the availability of parking close to the school. As no additional parking is being provided under this planning application this would hinder the staff and visitors of Heathmere School as well as deter potential teachers from applying. Due to the location of the school we already experience extreme difficulties in recruitment, this development would further hinder the progress this school has made in recent years. Could you please acknowledge receipt of this objection and keep the school informed of future developments with regards to this planning application.

Councillor Carpenter

The proposal needs to be modified to provide some off road car parking in the front of the development, as the area is already overparked. Alternatively the adjacent garages could be developed to provide additional off road parking.

Mr Mountford

In response to the letter sent to residents located around the proposed construction, can you inform me as to whether the Eucalyptus Tree in the gardens of said property will remain or will it be affected by ‘associated landscaping’?

According to the plans, it would seem that the Eucalyptus Tree will be removed. As it is one of a kind and unique to Alton Road the tree should remain in situ.

As this used to be a School Keepers House, shouldn’t any renovation or reconstruction consider using this land for the benefit of Heathmere school and its students? Alton Road will become crowded and congested, especially with car parking spaces in short supply.

Can you still get your comments in?

There is nothing to stop you from doing so and it will be down to the Council to accept the late comment.

To read the comments to date and the various documents regarding the planning application, please click on this sentence.

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