Conservation Areas (Paper No. 10-876) – how things change

Hopefully the attempted listing of Allbrook House and the library building is still fresh in your minds. Now through your minds back a few years to when there were discussions about extending the Alton Conservation Area, this being 2010 (and don’t forget the latest Alton Estate regeneration started up only a few years after this).

It is interesting form the fact that one of the current Labour ward Councillors suggested the following;

“Comment from Councillor Carpenter:  a) Recommends redrawing the boundary of the CA to include Harbidge Ave, Allbrook House, Roehampton Library and the green in Alton West; and the Cornerstone and low odd numbered buildings on Alton Road in Alton East for their architectural interest. b) The Council could produce a leaflet on conservation areas and listed buildings so people understand them better. c ) It was clear from the meeting that there is general opposition to plans for demolition of the eastern end of Danebury Ave. It should be remembered that there were earlier plans for a more sensitive refurbishment of the area which had greater support from residents”. (Paper 10-876, Appendix 2).

Hmmm…..much of what was suggested in this paragraph, rather than being protected due to their “architectural interest” they are to be demolished. Is anyone aware of the three current ward Councillors seeking to protect the named buildings as part of the current regeneration?

In short, if the opinions of Councillors can change on such large scale issues within what is a reasonable short period of time, the question is, how can they be trusted?


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