Manresa neighbourhood car parking issues


Residents have been highlighting to roeregeneration for some time that there are car parking issues in the area and this has been reflected in car parking tickets. What may be considered as adding to these car parking pressures, last November, Wandsworth Borough Council added bollards to prevent car parking in areas in the Manresa neighbourhood on the Alton Estate. This area is just down the road from the Hersham Close Residents Association which has been highlighting its concerns regarding Roehampton University’s students parking its car in and around the area.

The following photos were taken in November 2016 and highlight the bollards and examples of such car parking pressures.

The following three photos are of vehicles parking on the grass and on the footpath by Chilcombe House.

161120-13-medium-p 161120-14-medium-p 161120-17-medium-p

The following is a photo of a car parked on the footpath opposite Somborne House.


The following photo highlights new bollards which went up next to Rushmere House.


The following photo is of new bollards in Chilcombe House and Rushmere House.



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