Let’s Talk event – September 2016 – have you read the Minutes?

The Roehampton & Putney Heath ward has it’s Let’s Talk event in September 2016 and there was a good turnout, it’s shame that these Minutes have not been widely highlighted as being published. Additionally, when speaking with individuals on the Alton Estate a question that is raised it “Why do Councillors only ever do this once every two years?”. That’s an interesting question…….

The topics discussed were:

  • Unneighbourly behaviour
  • Regeneration
  • Streets
  • Roehampton University
  • Social services
  • Cleaning on Alton Estate

We are aware of people whom attended and don’t necessarily agree with some of items in how they were Minuted.

The following is worth highlighting due to the ongoing nature of concerns, this being section 4.

  1. Roehampton University

“Question/Comment – A resident said that he had contacted the planning service, without response, about the portacabins that had been erected without planning permission in the car park at Roehampton University facing Kimpton House. He said that the portacabins had been in place over 4 years and reduced on-site parking provision at the University that had been pushed out onto already busy roads such as Holybourne Avenue and Fontley Way. He suggested a survey by the University about staff and student parking during term and nonterm time to determine the impact of the portacabins and said that residents were being forced into accepting a CPZ because of University demands. Concern also raised that the University is ‘getting away’ with not following due process and who is auditing the process? A resident raised the issue of excessive noise emanating from the University portacabins that affected Kimpton House and ‘terrified’ some residents.     Response –  It was noted that an earlier planning application had been withdrawn but a revised one was due to be submitted including a transport assessment. A planning enforcement notice was still valid in respect of the unauthorised structures. Councillor Carpenter said that the University claimed that the portacabins did not reduce parking as the car park had been repainted to provide the same number of spaces as previously. He again advised residents to come along to the councillors surgeries to speak about any problems and if possible to attend the Roehampton Forum and Roehampton Partnership meetings. Councillor Ambache told the meeting that breaches of planning control should be reported to the planning service at the Town Hall and that, as a member of the Planning Applications Committee that would consider any application, he would not be able to ‘take a position’ on the matter but was listening to the related dialogue. He also confirmed that he was available to be contacted on any of the issues raised and this could be done in a variety of ways.

Councillor McKinney said that she understood the portacabin area to be the psychology department.

With the consent of the meeting, Rev. McKinney then spoke as a governor of Whitelands College to inform the meeting that some concerns had been expressed at the Roehampton Forum. He said that he would raise the issue of the noise with the college and also that as far as he was aware the portacabins would be removed as the need for them had now reduced”. 

To read the Minutes of this meeting, click on this sentence.

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