Lease newsletter – March 2017

There are a lot of leasehold properties on the Alton Estate. If you are not aware of LEASE, then maybe you should have a read of their newsletters.

The latest newsletter has the following articles;

  • New powers limit landlords recovering cost of litigation from leaseholders
  • How to deal with a water leak in a leasehold flat
  • Housing White Paper
  • Template documents now available on the LEASE website
  • Take care when threatening legal proceedings – consider service charge consequences for leaseholders
  • Government considers including leasehold abuse in BIS Green Paper on protecting consumers
  • Abolition of the Right to Buy and Associated Right (Wales) Bill
  • Right to manage claims no longer defeated by minor mistakes in procedure
  • Whose garden is it anyway?
  • What is the Housing Disrepair Protocol?
  • All or nothing at all: Owning a share of the freehold of a flat
  • A Recent Ruling by the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) on Advance Service Charges: Good News and Bad News for Leaseholders
  • The Reasonableness of Insurance Premiums
  • Stuck in the middle – lease extension of flats and the rights of an intermediate leaseholder

For past newsletters:

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