Ibstock School planning application not approved though in use?

One thing is for sure, planning applications in the Roehampton & Putney Heath ward are not boring. First there was Roehampton University’s portacabin planning application (2016/5912) which was approved to the dismay of many local residents, though now there is the Ibstock School’s planning application 2015/5074 which might join the list of planning applications that goes within the “what is going on?” list.


For a refresher of what this planning application was about the background is;

Background to the application is “The Performing Arts Centre (PAC) was due for completion at the end of August 2015. However, it is likely that the final fitting-out of the PAC will continue through to October. The School hopes to have its first production in the PAC in December 2015. The purpose of this submission is to quantify the increase in traffic likely to be caused by the opening of the PAC and its use by the local community and other organisations, and to describe the mitigation measures being put in place”.

Bear in mind that point 13 of the “Permission for Development” dated 11 June 2013 stated “Prior to commencement of the use of the Performance Arts Centre (PAC), details of proposals for the provision of access to the PAC’s facilities for the benefit of the local community, including local schools and clubs, shall have been submitted in writing to the Council for approval”.

What’s the current position?

The theatre is in use and this is seen via the school’s live events webpage. If you have a look at the moment there are tickets for £12 or £15 to see, amongst other events, either Peter Pan or Angels in America: Part One, Millennium Approaches.

However, according to the Council’s planning application website, this has not yet been approved bearing in mind this planning application was submitted in 2015.

Where is the theatre located?

In the Ibstock School by Danebury Avenue.

What’s been done?

A query was sent to the Planning application team on June 11th 2017 stating;

“according to the Council’s website planning application 2015-5074 has not yet been approved.

Can it be confirmed please that it has been approved”.

The response on June 20th 2017 was;

 “Discussions between the school and Council are ongoing and there is hope that the full programme for use of the facilities will soon be agreed. I have contacted the Council’s arts and culture team for further comment on the matter. If you contact me again in a week or so, hopefully I will have a more conclusive response”.

The following have also been informed;

  • The Roehampton Forum Management Committee
  • The Putney Society
  • Putneysw15
  • Roehampton & Putney Heath Councillors (one of which is on the Planning Application Committee)


It would be interesting to get reader’s thoughts which could be added to this article.

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