Car parking and use of Section 106 – Alton East, of interest?

The Alton East is going through a growth and maintenance phase which some of you may or may not be aware of.

A planning application for 66 Alton Road has been put in which will turn it into 24 apartments (2017/3082) and you may wish to make a comment regarding this application.

This is hot on the heels of the planning application for Heathmere Primary School Keeper’s house (2016/7179) is to converted to six apartments with no car parking allowed for it (though the Council has assessed that up to six cars may need parking as the result of this application and where will they park?).

Other local events which might impacts on car parking or local infrastructure are;

What’s coming (actual and potentially);

What can be done?

Whilst not a definite, one Residents Association has been informed that it should consider a Controlled Parking Zone to solve its issues. If tried locally, then it would be anticipated that as the cars were pushed into other areas of the estate that a snow ball of CPZs would occur?

In some cases this might work, in that it would work towards mitigating non-resident student’s car parking on the estate if they are attending classes. The same would apply to anyone else who may decide to park on a temporary basis on the estate.

What it may not solve is the situation of car parking required for new buildings. For example, let’s say a development of flats needs 12 car parking spaces. When the CPZ is introduced then these 12 car parking spaces could be obtained. Though what if this could be future proofed?

One development in the ward restricts the residents of the block from applying for permits if there is a CPZ which is introduced. This could mean that by applying this restriction this could assist with protecting car parking spaces in future for those residents that live on the estate now.

What does this restriction look like?

On a best endeavours basis the clauses from the Section 106 (page 31) which was signed in conjunction with planning application 2012/1713 has been replicated below (apologies in advance for typing errors, though you can request a copy from the Council’s Planning team to double check the text for accuracy and in fact this is encouraged);

“Exclusion from Controlled Parking Zone

  1. The Owner covenants with the Council –

1.1   not to Occupy or permit any person to Occupy a Residential Unit unless and until such person has been given advance notice in writing of the provisions in paragraph 1.2 hereof either by way of a written letter or notice or by specific reference being made in a contract for sale and purchase and/or the associated title or marketing pack of information;

1.2   to ensure that all Occupiers are notified in writing that (unless they are holders of a Disabled Persons Badge) they are prohibited from applying for a residents parking permit to park a vehicle pursuant to the traffic management order operating in the vicinity of the Site;

1.3   to  ensure that all materials which they publish and any agreements entered into by the them or agents or for the purpose of selling or letting properties in the Development notify potential purchasers or tenants of the restrictions set out in paragraph 1.2 above; and

1.4   they and their successors in title to the Residential Units hereby waive all rights and entitlement on the part of the Developer and its successors in title to a residents permit to park in the vicinity of the Site (unless the Occupier concerned becomes entitled to a Disabled Person’s Badge).

An equivalent is also in place for Roehampton University’s residential students who live on campus (as per planning application 2016/5377).

At least if a CPZ comes into being this introduction of such a section could reduce some of the pressures of future competition for car parking on the Alton Estate.


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