Bye bye 66 Alton Road, hello 24 apartments?

Did you know?

This building is within the Alton Conservation Area and the area itself seems to mould itself on the map to reach out to this very property to include it.

It is also locally listed and was done so on 22nd November 2010.

What does the Alton Area Conservation appraisal state about 66 Alton Road?

The appraisal states the following;

4.12: “The Alton Conservation Area is a rare, possibly unique combination of eighteenth century and twentieth century picturesque landscape. There are scores of magnificent mature trees, including one, a Lucombe Oak, which is on the list of Great Trees of London. There are tree preservation orders on the trees around Mount Clare, Parkstead and Downshire House and at 66 Alton Road. The area is included in the Council’s Inventory of Parks and Gardens of Local Interest”. (page 16)

 5.15 “The maisonettes have brick facings for external walls, with load bearing brick cross walls, reinforced concrete floors and pitched roofs. The house at no. 33 Bessborough Road and no. 66 Alton Road adds to the vast variety of this character area”. (page 23)

5.23 “Although many mature trees, garden walls and other features were retained, and the point blocks carefully positioned to ensure they could benefit from the existing landscape, only one of the Victorian villas survives at no 66 Alton Road. The entrance lodge to Alton House survives at 33 Bessborough Road (named after the Earl). The house itself, a particularly grand Victorian residence has now gone”. (page 24)

66 Alton Road, SW15 4NJ

“This part of Alton East sees one of the last surviving (smaller) Victorian villas at no. 66 Alton Road. Built in yellow stock brick, with a range of co-ordinated window styles, some are detailed with a Gothic reference. Three storeys in height. Decorative timber fascias and two chimneys on the same side define the roof – all these details gives the building great character and presence on this street. Some poor alterations carried out but not to the detriment of the building’s strong character. The entrance lodge to Alton House survives at no 33 Bessborough Road (named after the Earl). The house itself, a particularly grand Victorian residence has now gone”. (page 42)

1.38 “As part of the conservation area appraisal process a number of buildings were added to the Council’s Local List. Further details are given in Appendix 2 to the appraisal.

  • Cedars cottages, 1 Cedars Cottages, Roehampton Lane SW154HS
  • Ibstock Place School (remaining historic part),
  • Clarence Lane, SW15 5PY
  • Maryfield Convent and Chapel – Mount Angelus Road, SW154JA
  • 170 Hartfield House, Roehampton Lane, SW15 4EU
  • 66 Alton Road, SW15 4NJ 33 Bessborough Road, SW15 4BN
  • 68-78 and 80-86 Minstead Gardens, SW15 4EW”

(page 49)

Some other photos of 66 Alton Road

One can just see the date 1863 inscribed on a window.

Other photos.

What about the Cornerstone (otherwise known as the Roehampton Parish Hall)?

Some of you may be aware that through the efforts of the Roehampton Forum this building was locally listed on 8th October 2015.

If 66 Alton Road is allowed to be demolished, do questions then need to be asked about the future fate of the Cornerstone?

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One thought on “Bye bye 66 Alton Road, hello 24 apartments?

  1. Rob Taylor

    The council planning application concerning this proposed demolition states that the closing date for comments/objections was 8th August 2017. In fact, according to Cathy Molloy who is the relevant council Planning Officer, responses can be made up until just before the application goes to committee on September 20th. People who want to object should know this as they might think it is too late for their objections to be made.


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