Fire Risk Assessments – section 2.6.8

One document which is frequently referred to when discussing water sprinklers is the Fire Risk Assessment.

  1. What are Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs)?

Wandsworth Council states that FRAs are;

The Council is legally required to carry out FRAs which cover the communal areas of the block (not individual properties). Flat entrance doors form part of the protection to the common escape route so these are included in the assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to evaluate the risk to people from fire, taking into account existing fire safety measures, and to determine whether additional measures are necessary.  

  1. Who undertook the Fire Risk Assessments?

From the Fire Risk Assessments seen so far they were undertaken by Ridge – .

  1. Section 2.6.8

So far, having seen five of the Alton Estate’s FRAs, four of them have section 2.6.8 which has the question – “Are sprinkler systems present?” and the answer is “Not required”. The fifth FRA, did not have any questions for the same section beyond 2.6.2.

  1. How to ask for a FRA?

The following are only suggestions;

Or if you have another idea, then please do let us know.


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