Wandsworth (Conservation Area) Advisory Committee (9 January 2018)

Wandsworth (Conservation Area) Advisory Committee meets on 9th January 2018 and there are a few items which relate to the Roehampton & Putney Heath ward.

Within ‘Minutes – 6th November 2017’ (Item 2) the following is mentioned;

“5. Any Other Business

(i) Temple in the grounds of Mount Clare, Minstead Gardens

Mr John Horrocks, Putney Society, noted that the Mount Clare Temple, a listed building situated in the grounds of Roehampton University, was in a poor state of repair and that that Roehampton University was not interested in the maintenance of the building.

The Chairman noted that the Council had a contact at the university, Ms Gilly King, and requested that officers looked into this issue.

The Principal Conservation and Urban Design Officer explained that officers had been on site in late October 2017 as the fencing around the building had been vandalised. Officers were on site a few days after the vandalism and suggested that the University should install some secure fencing; it was believed that this was being undertaken. The Principal Conservation and Urban Design Officer undertook to obtain an update.

It was noted that the future of the site was an issue of concern. It was explained that the site was owned by the Church and that there were seven years remaining on Roehampton University’s lease. There had been a suggestion to demolish the temple in order to build student accommodation and it was noted that there was extant planning permission in respect of this proposal. The Principal Conservation and Urban Design Officer explained that the University was in negotiations with the Church about the future of the site. The Chairman requested a brief update on this issue at the next meeting.

Mr Edward Potter, Royal Institute of British Architects, suggested that it may be useful to install CCTV on site. The Principal Conservation and Urban Design Officer explained that this had been suggested to Roehampton University but that it was considered too expensive”.

Within ‘Applications (Paper No.18-1)’ it states the following;

“9. 2017/6840: Templeton, 118 Priory Lane, SW15

Redevelopment of the western part of Templeton estate including redevelopment of the wardens’ cottages to create four 2-3 bedroomed cottages. Erection of new stable block including four horse stalls, two 1 bedroomed staff cottages, artist’s studio and associated paddock. One new build 5 bedroomed detached house with basement accommodation. Western estate landscaping proposal”.

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