Bessborough Road/Petersfield Rise Consultation #2

Well, it’s round 2 of the Bessborough Road/Petersfield Rise Consultation.

As a reminder, there was a pre-application consultation

This time around;

There was some fun and games regarding the dates which the Alton Regeneration Watch (ARW) spotted and has since been corrected. Not Wandsworth BC also had some fun with this.

This is part 4 of the Alton East recent planning works which people should be aware of. If you are concerned about car parking or general developments in the area, especially the Alton East, there is a lot happening on the planning front and residents might wish to take an interest in this planning application.

The first is the Heathmere School Keeper’s House, Alton Road, SW15 4LJ, planning application (2016/7179) which is in the process of being built now. This is for six apartments with no car parking.

The second was the (in)famous planning application for 66 Alton Road, SW15 4NJ (2017/3082) which was for 24 apartments and with questionable car parking quotas? This was withdrawn though can always come back.

The third which is pending and has not been formally launched yet is the planning application for Pocklington Court. A pre-planning Consultation was provided though not many people were invited or aware of this. Roehampton Voice provides a quick view of this –

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