Service charges – leaseholders, fed up of mysterious £ increases?

Leaseholders, do you know this feeling? The services charges letter comes in and the charge is so much, then later, at some point, another letter comes in and the costs have gone up? Well, here are two examples…..

Hersham Close – Notice of Intention: External decoration & Associated Repairs

Letter dated 20 March 2014 states;

Then letter dated 13 October 2014 states almost double the cost;

This even ended up on the putneysw15 website with the article ‘Hersham Close service charge – sorry, how much? (26 October 2014)’.

A tall building on the Alton West (which is due to have retro-fitting of water sprinklers) – Notice of Intention: Replacement of Communal Extractor Fans & Associated Works

Letter dated 23 January 2015 states;

Letter dated 23 February 2018 states;

Western Area Housing Panel (WAHP) (12 February 2018)

Hersham Close Residents Association (HCRA) requested that information be provided at these WAHP meetings whereby it highlights what the original predicted major works costs were and what they became, so that leaseholders could be made aware of what is happening, improved transparency could be obtained, and leaseholders could learn what is working or not working regarding the process. Let’s see what happens.

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1 thought on “Service charges – leaseholders, fed up of mysterious £ increases?

  1. Leonard

    How can we stop these daylight robbers?
    They don’t care what we have to do to make a living and they spent our money like water.


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