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Weekly Council Planning applications and decisions (11 November 2017)

Given there is so much happening in the ward at the moment, it might be worth residents keeping a watch on what is being planned for the Alton Estate. So, on a best endeavours basis, we’ll try to include this section.

The page numbers refer to the Wandsworth Borough Council’s (WBC) planning applications and decisions for the Roehampton & Putney Heath ward. Whilst every effort is made to highlight the page numbers and present the information below it is always best for the reader to have a read of the original Council documents just in case any errors have been made.

It might be too late to comment on the below applications though this has been put up for information purposes. If you wish to make a comment on the application please review the application and/or contact the Council for further information.

Applications (pages 28)

 Application No: 2017/5766

  • Address: 32 Roehampton Gate, SW15 5JS,
  • Proposal: Erection of single storey timber outbuilding in rear garden.

Decisions (page 26)

Application: 2017/4716

  • Address: 127 Roehampton Vale, SW15 3PG,
  • Proposal: Details of storage of refuse bins, boundary treatment and cycle storage pursuant to conditions 2, 3, and 4 of planning permission dated 21/06/2017 ref 2017/0550 (Alterations including the retention of one side dormer window to allow the conversion into 1 x 5 and 1 x 4-bedroom maisonettes.)

Application: 2017/5000

  • Address: Park House, 233 Roehampton Lane, SW15 4LB,
  • Proposal: Alterations including partial demolition and reconfiguration of the ground floor and the erection of a mansard roof extension with dormers in connection with change of use from (Class B1 and D1) to 5 x 2-bedroom flats (Class C3); associated landscaping and tree planting.

Application: 2017/5105

  • Address: Vehicle Rapid Charging Point on pavement east of 136 Roehampton Vale, SW15 3RX,
  • Proposal: Installation of a Rapid Charging Point, feeder pillar and associated works on the pedestrian footway.

Click on this sentence to take you to the Weekly List of planning applications and decisions.

If interested in searching for more information about a planning application, go to the Wandsworth Borough Council’s ‘Searching planning applications’ webpage.


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