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Weekly Council Planning applications and decisions (29 June 2019)

Given there is so much happening in the ward at the moment, it might be worth residents keeping a watch on what is being planned for the Alton Estate. So, on a best endeavours basis, we’ll try to include this section.

The page numbers refer to the Wandsworth Borough Council’s (WBC) planning applications and decisions for the Roehampton & Putney Heath ward. Whilst every effort is made to highlight the page numbers and present the information below it is always best for the reader to have a read of the original Council documents just in case any errors have been made.

Applications (pages 16, 17) –


Application Number: 2019/2498,

Application Number: 2019/2516,

  • Address: Alton Estate, London, SW15,
  • Proposal: The application is for a part outline and a part detailed planning permission for the following proposed development. (a) Phased demolition of existing buildings and structures (except Alton Activity Centre community building); (b) Mixed-use phased development ranging from 1-9 storeys above ground level comprising 1,103 residential units and up to 9,572 sqm (GIA) of non-residential uses comprising new and replacement community facilities (including library and healthcare facilities, youth facilities, community hall, children’s nursery & children’s centre) (Class D1); flexible commercial floorspace (comprising retail (Class A1), financial and professional services (Class A2), café/restaurants (Class A3), hot-food takeaways (Class A5), business (Class B1), and community uses (Class D1); landscaping; removal and replacement of trees; public realm improvements; access improvements; relocation of bus turnaround area; improvements to children’s play facilities; provision of energy centre; car & cycle parking; and other highway works incidental to the development. All matters reserved except for Blocks A, K, M, N, O, Q, Portswood Place Nursery and Community Centre and highway/landscape/public realm improvements An Environmental Statement has been submitted with the application under the Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017.
  • Link to planning application: https://planning.wandsworth.gov.uk/WAM/showCaseFile.do?appType=planning&appNumber=2019/2516

Application Number: 2019/2585,

Application Number: 2019/2603,

Decisions (pages 17, 18) –


Application Number: 2019/1527,

Application Number: 2019/1848,

Application Number: 2019/1901,

  • Address: Crosshaven, 4 Coppice Drive, SW15 5BW,
  • Proposal: Variation of condition 2 (in accordance with approved drawings) pursuant to planning permission dated 16/10/2018 ref 2018/4049 (Alterations including erection of part single, part two-storey front, side and rear extensions; erection of replacement roof including raising the ridge by 1.0m; erection of dormer windows to front, side and rear roof slopes; use of garage as habitable accommodation and installation of a replacement window, raising of chimney stacks) to allow the first floor level (plus roof) side extension to extend 1 metre further towards 5 Coppice Drive.
  • Link to planning application: https://planning.wandsworth.gov.uk/WAM/showCaseFile.do?appType=planning&appNumber=2019/1901

Application Number: 2019/1970,

For the most recent Weekly List of planning applications and decisions – http://www.wandsworth.gov.uk/downloads/download/1326/full_list_of_weekly_planning_applications_and_decisions

If interested in searching for more information about a planning application

Go to the Wandsworth Borough Council’s ‘Searching planning applications’ webpage – http://www.wandsworth.gov.uk/info/516/view_planning_application_by_address_or_map/364/searching_planning_applications


Please note that all information is provided on a best efforts basis and that readers should make their own efforts to review and assess the provided content.

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Please note that all information is provided on a best efforts basis and that readers should make their own efforts to review and assess the provided content.

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