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Blast from the past – 2009 – A petition by residents against the removal of the Danebury Avenue road traffic barrier

With the regeneration of the Alton Estate progressing, it was thought it might be time to highlight some of what has gone on in the past should similar issues pop up again.

In December 2008, Councillor Bowes presented a petition to the Council which read as follows;

“Stuart King’s Danebury Avenue traffic consultation. I oppose the Danebury Avenue

traffic barrier being removed for any vehicles.”

 In the letter accompanying the petition the results of the ballot are provided as follows: –

  • Option 1: Opposing the barrier being removed for any vehicles: 77%
  • Option 2: Supporting the barrier being removed for buses only: 19 %
  • Option 3: Supporting the barrier being removed for all vehicles: 4%”

Rather than summarise the findings and outcome, have a read of the document yourself and leave a comment with your thoughts.

This was submitted at the Planning and Transportation Overview and Scrutiny Committee, Thursday 2nd July 2009. 7.30 p.m.

The commentary is within Council Paper No. 09-562.


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